• What kinds of projects and goals qualify?

    The short answer is ANY project or goal qualifies. Regardless if it’s a term paper your stuck on, a business you are struggling to launch, a fundraising drive that’s floundering, back taxes that are dogging you, or if you’re just trying to get started on a new year’s resolution. It could be anything from procrastination over a years-worth of dirty dishes in the sink, or your rapidly approaching PhD deadline. If you’re struggling with lack of focus and clarity on any idea, project, or goal, this course will help. if you get easily distracted by bright shiny things (like social media or soap opera’s) that take you away from your work, or interrupt your focus on any project at all, this course will help.

  • It's 2020’s fault! How can I get over it?

    For many of us 2020 was a giant distraction train wreck. It brought a lot of us to our knees when it comes to focusing on a project, goal, vision, or idea. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of loose ends from 2020, that you could use to put to rest. Regardless if you feel overwhelmed by a single project or a bunch of projects, regardless if its just guilt because you don’t have any projects lined up at all, the focus and accountability tools you’ll learn will help you get stuff done.

  • What if I don’t have a specific project or goal in mind?

    Many people take our course to gain skills to get more focused and productive in life-in-general. You can apply the skills you’ll learn to just about anything. Regardless if you are prone to procrastination, distraction, or if you just have too many projects on the go (or no projects at all), the skills you’ll learn will help you identify what needs to get done, and do it, on time. You’ll set priorities, get motivated, become a task master, and as a result, have more time for fun, play, and leisure. Some people find that they can get more done in a half hour than they used to get done in an entire afternoon.

  • What is group accountability?

    When you are working as part of a team, you get more done. We will collectively hold each other to task. If your struggling to focus, you can check in with “your accountability team” and we will solve your problem, collectively, and get you back on track. We will be on zoom interacting with each other when we need to, but otherwise everyone will leave their camera on, and work. If you need to take a break, you must announce it to the team, otherwise, we will dog you until you sit back down and start working again….or knitting….or whatever project it is that you’re focused on completing.

  • How do I choose the right project(s) to work on in the course?

    We will spend time working with you to identify your goals and projects and choose those that have the greatest chance of reaching completion during the 5 week course. If you have a BIG project, like a novel, that will take more than 5 weeks, we will work with you to help set up additional accountabliity measures.

  • Do I need a project to join the course?

    No. We can work with you to figure it out. Even if you don’t think you have a project or goal or vision, trust us, you do! We can help you figure it out and identify it. Or you can simply use each session for things you need to get done in the moment, like writing a letter to your mother, or the first chapter of your memoir!

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